220px-Waxer armor

Waxer in his armor

Waxer was a Clone Trooper Platoon Leader who served in the 212th Attack Battalion during the Clone Wars.


Battle of Ryloth

Waxer rescued a a girl name Numa.Waxer wanted to take Numa with but his fellow comrade Boil said that they couldn't take her.

Battle of Umbara

Pong Krell told Waxer and his troopers that the 501st legion was killed and Umbarans have taken over while Rex and the 501st legion that the 212th were attacked. That lead into an unreasonable firefight which killed many

Waxer in ARF Trooper armor

soldiers on both units which lead to Waxer's death in the battle.


  • Waxer had tally marks on his helmet

    Waxer's last moments.