250px-Sev ARC trooper

The ARC Trooper in action.

 This ARC Trooper served in the Clone Wars as an ARC Trooper.


This Trooper was born as a Clone to Jango Fett in Tipoca City on the planet Kamino. During training, he was made an ARC Trooper Commander. He then fought in the Clone Wars, and was put under the command of Jedi General Sev. He then fought at the battle of Ragmar V with Sev, Sev's Padawan Joc Sah, and Sergeant Remy. During the battle, the Clone recieved a transmission from Emporer Palpatine to Execute Order 66. Obeying him, the Clone and his troops killed Sev. He then went and attacked the planet with a ground force, so he could find Sah and his allies to kill him. He was most likely unable to kill Sah, but managed to bring the planet under the Empire.

After that, he was put in the Stormtrooper Corps to serve in the Galactic Empire after the Clone Wars. He was really CT-04/4455.

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