RC-1136 "Darman" of the Theta Squad, Omega Squad, and Squad 40.

Republic Commandos are elite Clone Troopers utilized for sabotages, assassinations, and other operations to delicate for a standard trooper to execute. They were a specialized variant of armor universally known as Katarn- Class Clone Commando Armor. The armor was tougher than any armor set a Clone Trooper wore that can leave a the wearer with nothing more than a bruise from a heavy blast. Their prefix was "RC" & they usually worked in teams of four.


The first Republic Commandos were used during the First Battle of Geonosis to infiltrate the geonosian hives and take out the factories. This was also the commandos' first training mission. Unlike normal troopers, they had an advisor who gave the team a briefing of their mission(s), objectives, and vital information. One such squadron known as Delta Squad was used during the First Battle of Geonosis to kill geonosian leader Sun Fac. They were successful on their mission.

Notable SquadronsEdit

  • Delta Squad
  • Omega Squad
  • Ion Team
  • Aiwha Squad
  • Blue Squad
  • White Squad
  • Theta Squad
  • Aiwha-3 Squad
  • Bravo Squad
  • Gamma Squad
  • Kilo Squad
  • Veshok Squad
  • Aquila Squad
  • Aurek Squad
  • H.O.P.E. Squad
  • Ion Team
  • Manka Squad
  • Naast Squad
  • Orar Squad
  • Vevut Squad
  • Yayax Squad

Known CommandosEdit

  • RC-1138 "Boss"
  • RC-1140 "Fixer"
  • RC-1262 "Scorch"
  • RC-1207 "Sev"
  • CT-19/39 "Green Wizard" (Cross-Trained)
  • RC-1013 "Sarge"
  • RC-1080
  • RC-1133 "Taler"
  • RC-1134 "Vin"
  • RC-1135 "Jay"
  • RC-1136 "Darman"
  • RC-1304
  • RC-1309 "Niner"
  • RC-2088 "Zag"
  • RC-3222 "Atin"
  • RC-5093
  • RC-5108/8843 "Corr"
  • RC-8015 "Fi"
  • RC-8028

Numbers UnknownEdit

  • "Baris"
  • "Bry"
  • "Cov"
  • "Climber,"
  • "DD"
  • "Dec"
  • "Dev"
  • "Di'kut"
  • "Dov"
  • "Ennen"
  • "Husk"
  • "Jez"
  • "Jind"
  • "Kef"
  • "Lio"
  • "Mort"
  • "O-Four"
  • "Ram"
  • "Ras"
  • "Red"
  • "Sev"
  • "Stoker"
  • "Tam"
  • "Trace"
  • "Tyto"
  • "Yove"
  • "Gregor"