Remy receiving Order 66.

Remy was a Advanced Recon Commando Sergeant who served in the Clone Wars.


Remy was born and bred on Kamino in Tipoca City as a clone to Jango Fett. He then fought in the Clone Wars, under the command of Jedi General Sev, and was eventually made a Sergeant.

He participated in the Battle of Ragmar V with Sev, Sev's padawan Joc Sah, and a group of Clone Troopers led by Yellow ARC Trooper. During the battle, Remy recieved a transmission from Emporer Palpatine to execute Order 66. Obeying, Remy then directed his troops to shoot Sah, but Sah took cover, and Remy's group was then attacked by local villagers after a Mercenary named Gaan shot one of the clones. Remy tried to fend them off, but was killed after Gaan fatally shot him in the chest.

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