180px-ARC trooper 3

The Advance Recon Commando

This ARC Trooper who served in the Clone Wars.


This trooper was called Hammer and was born as a clone to Jango Fett on Kamino. He was eventually made an ARC Trooper. He then participated in the Clone Wars. During the war, he was stationed in Tipoca City on Kamino. Hammer then fought in Third Battle of Kamino over Tipoca city. He was in the main hangar when the first Trident Drill attacked. The ARC Trooper and his clones were succesful in the attack, and only he, and Blitz survived.


  • ARC Trooper Pauldron
    702px-Battle of Kamino 2

    The Advanced Recon Commando signaling his troops to lock & load.

  • Rangefinder
  • 2 DC-17 Hand Blasters
  • Kama

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