A Phase II Clone Trooper

Phase II Clone Trooper Armor was the sucessor of Phase I clone trooper armor used from 22 BBY- c.20 BBY. It was succeded by Stormtrooper Armor.


Phase II Armor was designed in early 21 BBY to improved the design. The armor is lighter, more comfortable, and much stronger than its predecessor.


  • Experimental (ARC Troopers only)
  • Standard
  • Scout Trooper
  • Pilot
  • BARC Trooper
  • Airborne Trooper
  • Galactic Marine
  • Cold Assault
  • AT-RT Driver (Phase II ARF Trooper)
  • Clone Trooper Assassin (During Jedi Purge only)


  • In the Clone Wars T.V. series, Phase II armor is depicted as weaker than the Phase I gear.
  • In the Clone Wars T.V. series, troopers used a slightly modified torso.


A 2005 variant of the Phase II Armor

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