830px-Jedi Purge

Operation: Knightfall

Operation: Knightfall


19 BBY


Republic Victory


501st Legion vs. Jedi Order

Commanders (Republic):

CC-1119, CT-0000/1010, Darth Vader (Anakin form)

Commanders (Jedi):

Shaak Ti, Cin Drallig, Sera Keto, Jurokk,Three Jedi Masters

Strength (Republic):

1 Sith Lord, 501st Legion

Strength (Jedi):

Jedi, Temple Security Force

Casualties (Republic):

Many Clone Troopers.

Casualties (Jedi):

Most of Jedi Order, Many security force members.

Operation: Knightfall was an operation led by Darth Vader to eliminate the Jedi.


The BattleEdit


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