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An LAAT/i or Republic Gunship.

The LAAT/i, Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry , or simply Republic Gunship was the main troop carrier for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. They were present from every battle from the First Battle of Geonosis to the Battle of Coruscant.


The LAAT/i was used to carry up to 20 troops into battle. They also have a walker carrying counterpart know as the LAAT/c or Republic Dropship. Each gunship had 4 gunpods each, two manned by Clone Troopers, and two unmanned. They also had sliding doors of either side of the troop bay. They also had 3 turrets, two in the front (as seen in the picture above), and one in the back. They also had two missile launcher on top of the engine. They are also known to carry a speeder bike in the back.

Notable GunshipsEdit

  • Crumb Bomber
  • Separatist Nightmare
  • Muunilinst 10's LAAT/i
  • Dooku Boot
  • The Bug Stomper
  • Lucky Lekku
  • Spaceward Ho!
  • Bantha Poodoo
  • Plo's Bro
  • Bad Kitty


  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the gunships didn't have gunpods except in Season 2 Episode 5.
  • LEGO has made 2 Gunships in it's history, one for Episode II, and one for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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