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The Skirmish

Firefight on Umbara was a small skirmish between the 501st Legion & 212th Attack Battalion caused by Pong Krell

Firefight on Umbara


21 BBY


Tie, both sides reunite and hunt down Pong Krell.


  • 501st Legion
  • 212th Attack Battalion


  • 501st Legion- CC-7567
  • 212th Attack Battalion- Waxer


  • Clone Troopers
  • Clone Troopers


  • minor- Clone Troopers
  • heavy- Clone Troopers, Waxer

The Battle

CC-7567 & his Torrent Company set out to fight the "Umbarans", which were really members of Ghost Company . As the firefight ensued, the 501st set up motar cannons and killed most of the 212th troopers. Then Rex spotted a two corpses of a 501st Trooper & and an "Umbaran", which he discovered is actually a clone. Then horrified, he ran and told both sides to stop shooting because their shooting their own men. Then Rex took of his helmet, ran and tackled a 212th Attack Battalion, and took of his helmet which told the other troopers to stop shooting each other. Then all of the troopers took off their helmets & realized they were shooting their own brothers.


After the clones realized they were killing each other. Kix found Waxer, who apparently got shot in the Skirmish, and led Rex to where he was. Rex then removed Waxer's helmet, asking who ordered Waxer & and his platoon to attack them. Waxer told Rex that it was Pong Krell. Then Waxer died, letting only one tear. Rex, furious by what Pong Krell had done, ordered his troops to hunt Krell down.            

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