Mandalorian Death Watch (Vizsla) symbol2

Death Watch was a splinter group of Mandalorian commandos that vowed to return Mandalore to its ancient agressive ways from the New Mandalorians. Led by the former Concordian governor Pre Viszla. Considered terrorists by the pro-peace Duchess Satine Kryse, she vowed to keep the Death Watch from taking over Mandalore.


Created in 200 BBY by Tor Viszla, the terrorist group terrorized the True Mandalorians. After Tor died, the Death Watch splintered. During the Clone Wars, Pre Viszla reestablished the Death Watch.
0 Watch

The original Death Watch during the beginning of the Clone Wars.

Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, Pre Viszla resurrected the Death Watch and established the Headquarters on Concordia. As the war progressed, Viszla expanded his influence to several neutral planets. Eventually, Death Watch took over Mandalore at the cost of Viszla himself and the Death Watch spliting into two factions, the Nite Owls and Mandalorian Super Commandos

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