These are the policies:

Clone Trooper Wiki is a Star Wars wiki encyclopedia. It has content ONLY from Soldier related persons/places/things in the Star Wars universe.

The site is free from all fanon and only with canon works related to the soldiers

All members will treat each other with respect. No sabotaging, or personal attacks on anyone, especially the administrators, or you will be punished. Please read the consequences here.

Please keep all of the articles as accurate as possible. No joking or ridiculing or any un-seriousness for the sake of information.

Pictures regarding unserious information will be deleted & the user will be punished.

Please keep the wiki as clean as possible, because the administators are having a hard time keeping up with red links and other things.

Also, please refrain from making grammar mistakes & other errors.

Thank You,

Indianasean, Founder of Clone Trooper Wiki 02:28, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

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