Currency is a special currency for the wiki's special store.

What is the Armory?Edit

The Armory is our wiki's special holding for Clone Trooper related items where the wiki's users can buy what they want for fun.

How to get coinsEdit

Earn coins by creating pages.

Earn bills by creating and editing clone trooper pages.


To use currency, you must first add the number of bills and coins the owners have granted to you on you're user page.Then, you will check the price of what you want to buy on the Wiki Store. To show what you have bought, you add what you bought onto your page, and subtract the costs of each item from you're bills and coins.


  1. Are the items refundable? No. The items aren't refundable.
  2. How do you get bills & coins? Refer to the How to get coins section above.

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