Welcome to the Clone trooper Wiki Code of Conduct. This page is specifically designed for elaboration of how to treat other members of this Wiki. 

Basically, here is how the rules break down: YOU treat others with RESPECT and EMPATHY, then THEY will do the same to YOU. 

Here is a list of things NOT to do here:

  • Plagerize
  • put fanon or nonrelated topics and/or pages
  • bully
  • threaten
  • abuse rights (especially the admins)
  • use profanity

Here is a list of things TO do here:

  • contribute your knowledge of Star Wars soldiers here
  • make friends
  • buy things from the armory
  • and most importantly, HAVE FUN

If you abide by these rules and the other rules, you will be fine. Have fun and happy editing!

-Yours Truly 

Indianasean, the Founder of Clone Legends Wiki 04:42, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

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