A Clone Trooper Lieutenant

Clone Troopers were the main foot soldiers of the Galactic Republic from 22 BBY- 19 BBY. They fought in the war that was named after them, The Clone Wars. They were clones of a Mandalorian bounty hunter/mercenary, Jango Fett. Clones usually have the prefix "CT" in front of their numbers. Other ranks like Captain & Commander have the "CC" prefix. Some lieutenants have the "CL" prefix and some sergeants have the "CS" prefix.

Clone Trooper


32 BBY-4 ABY




Human (Clone)




Kamino, Centax-1


Deceased (most), Unknown



Clones were bred for the Galactic Republic. They were bred form the DNA of Jango Fett. Most of them were born in Kamino (which is why the CC-7567 called Kamino "home" during the Third Battle of Kamino). Clones were techically Mandalorians but they are considered humans. The first clones (or Nulls) were bred on Kamino by the request for Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. They were more docile than than Jango Fett himself.


Clones were trained from birth. At first, they were given Clone Trooper learning helmets at age 5, then the would head to target practice to train for space combat. At age 10, they were given training courses such as "The Citadel" Challenge. After their final test they graduate and get shipped out to planets to fight.

The WarEdit

Clones served as the Galactic Republic's main foot soldiers. They were all in a single army known as the GAR. They get shipped out to many planets to fight for the freedom of citizens. They fought on Geonosis and other
Ct dc15 firing
planets against the CIS, a break-away faction from the Galactic Republic.


All Clones were ranked in this order: Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, and Major. There were very few majors compared to an uncountable number of Privates. Standard Privates were just plain white, Sergeants have green markings, Lieutenants have blue markings, Captains have red markings, and Commanders & Majors have yellow markings.



Clone Troopers wore Phase I Clone Trooper armor from 22 BBY to 20 BBY. The wore Phase II armor from 20 BBY to 0 BBY.


Clones had many armor attachments, including rangefinders, macrobinoculars, sun visors, kamas, pauldrons (command or shoulder), GAR backpacks, and extra blaster magazines.


  • Clone Trooper
  • Clone Trooper Pilot
  • Clone Shadow Trooper
  • Clone Cold Assault Trooper
  • Clone GoDz Assassin sub!!!
  • Clone Flame Trooper
  • Clone SCUBA Trooper
  • Special Ops Trooper
  • Night Ops Trooper
  • Clone Tank Gunner
  • Clone Heavy Gunner
  • Clone Advisor
  • Advanced Recon Force Trooper
  • Advanced Recon Commando
  • ARC Heavy Gunner
  • Clone Scout Trooper
  • AT-RT Driver
  • Galactic Marine
  • Republic Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • Republic Fleet Officer
  • Republic Commando
  • Republic Medical Officer
  • Republic Firefighter
  • Republic Mechanic
ARC trooper TCW

Commander Colt of the Rancor Battalion


  • Jango Fett requested a unaltered clone known as Boba Fett.
  • The first clones (Null-Class Advanced Recon Commandos), were trained by Jango Fett.
  • Republic Commandos were trained by Kaminoans
  • The original members of the elite 501st Legion were trained separate from all other clones to ensure that they were the most feared legion in the galaxy.