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Sergeant Fury on the Endurance

Clone Gunner redirects here, you may be looking for the Clone Heavy Gunner or the ARC Heavy Gunner .

Clone Trooper Gunners are clones trained for manning cannons and heavy artillery. Gunners are usually posted on AT-TEs and Cruisers.


Clone Tank Gunners were usually put in control of cannons and artillery. They were outfitted with helmet that have noise insulation & extra plating on the chest to protect against the recoil of the artillery.


  • In the game Clone Wars Adventures, the Clone Tank Gunner suit appears in Phase I but when the player wears it, it's Phase II.
  • Sergeant Fury and a clone tank gunner on Felucia are the only known Clone tank gunners to have customized gunner gear.               
    Images (4)

    A generic Clone tank gunner.

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