Clone Jet Troopers

A Green Phase I and II Jet Trooper

Clone Jet Troopers are any clone trooper with a jetpack. They are usually used to fight Separatist Cruisers, giant droid walkers, and to defend republic cruisers. They were later succeeded into Imperial Jumptroopers during the formation of the Galactic Empire.


Clone Jet Troopers were originally bred on Kamino for attacking heavy artillery that standard troops cannot reach. They were later used in other battles, including space battles. They are great snipers if they can fly to a place where nothing can hit the trooper.


  • Clone Jet Trooper
  • Clone Marine
  • Clone Blaze Trooper
  • Arpitrooper


AT Blue

A Clone Jet Trooper Lieutenant.


  • During the Clone Wars, many jet troopers were used in the 501st Legion.
  • Phase II Jet Troopers have green visors, it's unknown why.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront II, Phase II Jet Troopers have kamas.

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