CT-6734 "Galle"

Lieutenant CT-6734, or "Galle", was a Clone Trooper Lieutenant serving in the Clone Wars.


After Galle finished training on Kamino, he was then placed in Commander CC-5052's 327th Star Corps. He participated in a succesful assault to get information from droid memory banks, under the command of Jedi General Aayla Secura. He then participated in the Battle of Felucia. During the battle, Commander CC-5052 was ordered by Palpatine to execute Order 66, who in turn told Galle to execute the order. Galle then ordered an AT-TE Tank to shoot and kill Jedi General Barris Offee. After the war, now under the rule of the Empire, Galle filed out a report on killing Offee, and he and CC-5052 were recognitioned for killing the Jedi, who were claimed to be poisoning the water supply. Galle and CC-5052 were then stationed on Yutusk. Eventually, two Jedi's who survived Order 66 were found, and Vader hired Galle and CC-5052 to help Tremayne in the pursuit. Galle tried capturing one of the Jedi by the name of Lo'gaan, but Vader captured him, while the other Jedi, named Ekria escaped.