CT-4040, or "Cutup" is a Clone Trooper serving in the Clone Wars.


After Cutup finished training, he was then stationed on the Rishi Outpost, under the command of Sgt. CT-19-7409, with fellow rookies "Nub", CT-00-2010, CT-327, CT-21-0408, CT-782, and CT-27-5555. There, very little happened and many of the recruits, especially CT-782. Eventually, though, they were attacked by CIS Commando droids. Cutup, CT-21-0408, Ct-782, and CT-27-5555 escaped through a shaft. Outside though, Cutup was eaten and killed by a Rishi Eeel.CT-4040 nicknamed Cutup has a beard Aw leave him allown they cept him in his growth jar to long - Cutup teasing Echo