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Fox & his troops attacking a jedi.

This article is about the Clone Sergeant, you may be looking for the Commander Fox.

CT-0000/1010 or "Fox" was a Clone trooper Sergeant who served on behalf of the 501st Legion. Like most of his brothers, he was born in Kamino.


Fox was born on Kamino as a clone to Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. Like most of his brothers, he was bred on the planet, trained, and was eventually assigned to the 501st Legion.

Clone WarsEdit

After the battle of Geonosis, Fox was promoted to Sergeant, and was assigned to patrol Coruscant's under city throughout the war.

In 19 BBY, Fox was commanded by Darth Vader to storm the Jedi Temple in what was know as Operation Nightfall. After killing most of the jedi, Fox and Commander Appo confronted Senator Bail Organa. Appo told Bail to leave, but just as Bail was about to get on his starship, a young jedi came and attacked the Clones. Appo was wounded, and many other Clones were killed, but Fox was able to kill the young jedi. Bail drove off, and Fox told his men to let him go. It is unknown what happened to him after the war, but he had wanted to join the Journeyman Protectors on Concord Dawn, so he might have retired from the army and joined the Journeyman Protectors.

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