Umbarans, the people from the shadow world of Umbara.


Sith Troopers, the main foot soldiers of the Ancient Sith Empire.


Umbaran soldiers wear a set of armor with a helmet that contains a type of gas that enhances endurance and speed. 

Two Umbaran Soldiers.


  • Close Range- None
  • Medium Range- Umbaran blaster rifle
  • Long Range- None
  • Special- Millicreep

Sith TrooperEdit

Sith Troopers fought in a set of black armor with red markings including a sith emblem on the front.


  • Close Range- Sith blaster pistol
  • Medium Range-Sith blaster carbine
  • Long Range-  Sith blaster rifle
  • Special- thermal grenade

    An Imperial Soldier.

Battle SimulationEdit


Sith TroopersRedRedRedRedRed

Sith Troopers are dropped into Umbara. Unknown to the Sith, an Umbaran scout was watching them. The umbaran pulls out his rifle and fires a volley of shots.The sith are alerted and fire back. the scout yells for help but its shot.Blue

The other four Umbarans run in and begin shooting. The Sith troops fire back. One of the sith troopers are shot in the head Red

A firefight ensues immediately. Two from each side were killed. BlueBlueRedRed

The Sith move forward and attack viciously. The Umbarans resist. An Umbaran and a Sith engage in fight. The sith overpowers the Umbaran.Blue

Both Umbarans surround the Sith trooper. Commander shoots umbaran in head.Red

Umbaran General and Sith Trooper Commander fire shots. General's gun is destroyed. The Sith trooper advances. The trooper shoots at umbaran.  Umbaran soldier runs, snatches sith trooper's rifle, and shoots him in the chest 4 times.Blue

Winner: Umbarans

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