Snowtroopers, the Galactic Empire's polar assault troops who fought against the Alliance on Hoth.


Clone cold assault troopers, the Galactic Republic's polar assault specialists who fought against the Talz on Orto Plutonia.



The regular snowtrooper wore a set of specialized gear with an internal heating system to protect themselves from the cold.


  • Close Range- SE-14r repeating blaster
  • Medium Range- E-11 blaster rifle
  • Long Range- DLT-20A blaster rifle
  • Special- E-Web heavy repeating blaster

Clone cold assault troopersEdit

220px-Cold Snap clone

The regular clone cold assault trooper wore a set of specialized clone trooper gear designed for extreme winter climates.


  • Close Range- DC-17 hand blaster
  • Medium Range- DC-15S blaster carbine
  • Long Range- DC-15A blaster rifle
  • Special- Z-6 Rotary blaster

Battle SimulationEdit

Snowtroopers: RedRedRedRedRed

Clone cold assault troopers: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

A group of 5 snowtroopers led by a commander survey the plains of Orto Plutonia and they set up a small outpost with a battery. At the same time, 4 Clone cold assault troopers led by a captain are scouting the area where the snowtroopers are. The commander sees the outpost being finished, he tells his troops to move forward to inspect the outpost. One of the snowtroopers see the clones and runs to the E-web and begins to fire. The clones return fire but one of them are shot down. Blue The clones being to advance as they shoot down the gunner. Red The clones successfully move forward but are attacked by the snowtroopers. in the firefight, one of each are killed. RedBlue The snowtroopers begin to make their retreat as the clones pursue them. A snowtrooper shoots down a clone. Blue Another clone hidden in the valley below fires and kills the snowtrooper. Red The hidden clone makes his way up only to be shot down by a snowtrooper. Blue The commander begins to attack the captain but the clone grabs a snowtrooper and uses him as a human shield. Red The commander continues to sprint up to the clone. The clone fires but has no ammo. The commander chuckles and fires but he also has no ammo. The clone captain sprints back to the base and picks up the z-6 rotary blaster and fires it at the snowtrooper commander, killing him. Red The clone captain reloads and calls for pickup.

Winner: Clone cold assault troopers

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