Commander Appo of the 501st Legion


A 501st Legion ARF Trooper

This article is about the unit active during the Clone Wars. You might be looking for the Imperial unit.

The 501st Legion was an elite legion that was under the command of CC-1119 or Appo. They served under the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. They were distinguished by their blue markings. They fought battles from the Battle of Teth to their last Galactic Republic battle, the Battle of Coruscant.


The Clone Wars (22-19 BBY)

The 501st Legion, like all units within the Grand Army of the Republic, were formed after the First Battle of Geonosis. Their unit color was blue. After the First Battle of Geonosis, the 501st Legion was organized and assigned the color blue and assigned to serve under then Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker. The 501st Legion later fought in many major and important battles during the Clone Wars. At the end of the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker led the 501st Legion to raid the Jedi Temple. They ransacked the temple and massacred many jedi and temple security guards.

Imperial Era (19 BBY-4 ABY)

Main Article: 501st Legion (Imperial Branch).

After the Clone Wars ended, the 501st became the most powerful Stormtrooper unit.

Notable Units

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THe 501st Legion preparing for an attack.